The logic of leadership

SADHGURU ON WHAT THE ROLE ENTAILS AND WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT LEADERSHIP is not dominance, it is a certain sacrifice. Leadership is not about ruling someone, it is about mak­ing someone’s life. Leadership essentially means that you are capable of creating the necessary at­mosphere for people to go beyond the limitations they have set for themselves. In the […]

Decisions after death

CREATING AN AURA OR UNIVERSAL CHANT CAN COMPLETE PROCESS EVERYWHERE in the world, people talk about dying peacefully; they want to recede gently. One simple thing that can be done is to have a lamp – prefer­ably with ghee but you can also use butter – burning constantly, 24 hours of the day next to that […]

The old and the young

HOW BOTH GROUPS CAN LIVE IN HARMONY WITHOUT CLASHING QUESTION: The older genera­tion and the younger genera­tion seem at odds today. How do we make sure that the expe­rience of age and energy of youth work together? Sadhguru: They have always been at odds, not just today. The real problem is, the older gener­ation does not […]

The child conundrum

WHAT ARE THE RIGHT REASONS FOR BRINGING A PERSON INTO THE WORLD? TODAY, casually having a child is quite irrespon­sible because though people think there are many problems in the world, essentially, the fundamental problem is too many human beings on the planet. Seven point three billion people is the highest number of human beings ever […]

More than a one-track mind

THE LONGING FOR KNOWING WILL NOT HAPPEN UNLESS THERE IS A HUNGER: SADHGURU THERE are so many things that one can do in this world – you can walk, you can swim, you can dance, gossip, love, drink, do drugs. And yet, for ages, why is it that human beings have longed for something beyond? When they […]

Handling life with sensitivity

SADHGURU SAYS SOCIETY MUST CHANGE ITS OUTLOOK ON ISSUES TODAY, a handicapped person is not referred to as handicapped anymore. We are beginning to call them special children or special people. So he is special which is why you have to attend to him a little more than you attend to others, and it is an […]

Big bangs and yogic lore

SADHGURU LOOKS AT THE SACRED UNIVERSE THAT WE LIVE IN TODAY RECENTLY, I happened to be in a presentation by a popular scien­tist. He has written a book called Endless Universe. It has become very popular in scientific circles. He called this particular session Beyond the Big Bang, because until recently the scientific community be­lieved that […]

Life’s rights and wrongs

SADHGURU’S VIEW ON MAKING DECISIONS AND TAKING ACTION IF YOU just remove the idea of what is right and wrong from your life, you will see everybody is handling their life the way they know it. Everybody is doing whatever they think is best at that moment. Even a criminal who is killing somebody does it […]

Look for joy not luck

STRENGTH COMES NOT FROM FORTUNE BUT FROM WITHIN FOR those who depend on luck, they are always looking for places, things, stones and beads – lucky shoes, lucky soaps, lucky num­bers – all kinds of things. In this process of looking for luck and waiting for things to happen, things they could have easily created for […]

The best isn’t the best

HUMANS MUST LOOK BEYOND THEIR SEARCH FOR PERFECTION THIS is a fundamental problem in most human be­ings. They are always looking for the best person or the best thing to do in their life. There is no best per­son, nor is there a best thing to do on this planet. Whatever you do, if you put […]

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