Feeding family memories

  COMMENCING and breaking a fast during the holy month of Ramadan is a great time of togetherness for families at mealtimes all over the world. Many have memories connected to the early morning and evening meal or a favourite food. Eastern Eye spoke to some celebrities to share their memories of Ramadan.   Shahin […]

The essential ramadan shopping list

THE holy month of Ramadan brings Muslim families and communities from all walks of life together to reflect, obs erve and appreciate the many blessings in their lives. Fasting during this sacred month is the ultimate show of devotion as it is one of the five pillars of Islam. Although Ramadan represents a spiritual cleanse […]

Some Tasty treats for Ramadan

Mujaddara – Middle Eastern Lentil Pilaf Mujaddara is an easy, tasty one dish meal for iftar time and has plenty of health benefits as lentils are high in fibre, full of protein and vitamin B. Mix this with rice, which is a quick source of energy and it becomes ideal for when you break your […]

The Importance of staying healthy

MANY find it difficult to keep healthy and energised during the month of Ramadan. Eating at night rather than during the day can affect the metabolism and lead to weight gain. Fasting can lead to cravings, in particular for fatty and sugary foods that are high in calories. Here are some of my recommendations. Eat […]