UN tribunal dismisses Ravi Karkara’s appeal against his sacking over sexual misconduct

A former senior UN adviser has lost his appeal in the UN dispute tribunal against his sacking over sexual misconduct. Indian national Ravi Karkara, an adviser to UN Women, was dismissed in 2018 following allegations of harassment against younger men, including an intern. His job was to promote gender equality and youth partnerships at UN […]

Myanmar ignoring Rohingya genocide trial measures, say activists

Human rights lawyers and activists said on Monday (23) that Myanmar is continuing to commit genocide against Rohingya Muslims in breach of orders by the UN’s top court. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in January rejected arguments made personally by Myanmar’s civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi in The Hague and imposed urgent interim […]

Pandemic casts shadow over India’s festival of light

Fear of the coronavirus and chronic pollution spoiled the party on Saturday as hundreds of millions of Indians celebrated the biggest Hindu holiday of the year. Diwali is meant to be the festival of light, but the pandemic has clouded the future for many in the country of 1.3 billion. Some people defiantly set off […]

Suu Kyi forecast to triumph in virus-hit Myanmar election

Vote counting continued late into the night in Myanmar after an election on Sunday that is expected to return to power the government of Aung San Suu Kyi, who remains a hero at home in spite of a reputation abroad shattered by the Rohingya crisis. Several hundred ardent supporters ignored coronavirus warnings and gathered in […]

Vienna shootings: Johnson says ‘deeply shocked’; Modi expresses ‘sadness’

WORLD LEADERS voiced their condemnation Tuesday(3) over the multiple shootings in Vienna that killed four people. British prime minister Boris Johnson said that he was ‘deeply shocked’ by the incident. He added that the country stands united with Austria ‘against terror’. “I am deeply shocked by the terrible attacks in Vienna tonight. The UK’s thoughts […]

France’s Macron seeks to calm tensions with Muslims

President Emmanuel Macron sought to calm flaring tensions with Muslims around the world on Saturday (31), telling an Arab TV channel he understood that caricatures of the prophet Mohammed could be shocking while lashing out at “lies” that the French state was behind them. France is on edge after the republication in early September of […]

Tens of thousands of Muslims protest over Macron remarks after killings in France

Tens of thousands of Muslims protested in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Palestinian territories on Friday (30) after killings in a French church prompted a vow from president Emmanuel Macron to stand firm against attacks on French values and freedom of belief. French interior minister Gerald Damarnin said France – home to Europe’s largest Muslim community and […]

Afghan accused of kidnapping American journalist sent to US for trial

An Afghan man accused of kidnapping an American journalist and two Afghan civilians in 2008 was arrested and extradited from Ukraine to the United States for trial, US authorities said on Wednesday (28). Haji Najibullah, 44, “arranged to kidnap at gunpoint an American journalist and two other men, and held them hostage for more than […]

India along with three others renew bid to reform UN security council; but ‘little hope’

AN attempt which started 15 years ago has been renewed by four nations including India. Brazil, Germany, India and Japan have relaunched their bid for permanent seats in an expanded UN security council, which experts say ‘would not happen’. “We commit to instill new life in the discussions on the reform of the security council,” […]

Daesh offshoots continue to grow globally even after Syria rout: US

DAESH continues to expand globally with about 20 offshoots, despite being crushed in Syria, a top US counter-terror official has said. The Islamic State group “has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to rebound from severe losses over the past six years by relying on a dedicated cadre of veteran mid-level commanders, extensive clandestine networks, and downturns […]

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