Baroness Lawrence report demands ‘urgent plans’ to protect BAME people ahead of winter

THE Labour party on Tuesday(27) urged the government to take urgent action to protect black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people from a second spike of Covid-19 over winter as a new report revealed the impact the pandemic has already had on communities across the country. The new report by Baroness Doreen Lawrence has demanded […]

Indian-origin man found guilty in Southall fatal stabbing

AN Indian-origin man was found guilty of manslaughter following a fatal stabbing in Southall in August last year. Gurjeet Singh Lall, 36, St Mary’s Avenue South, Southall attacked Allan Isichei, 69, after a brief verbal row over Lall’s spitting in the street. Isichei was pronounced dead later. On 24 August 2019, Isichei encountered Lall as […]

UK lowers the salary cap to settle in the country to £25,600; removes net migration targets

THE UK has lowered the salary threshold to settle in the country to £25,600 for skilled migrants from £35,800 under the new rules for Boris Johnson’s points-based immigration system effective on December 1. Unskilled migrants on salaries of just £20,480 but with enough points to be allowed into the UK to plug gaps in jobs […]

Oxford Covid-19 vaccine generates ‘robust immune response’; likely roll out in the first half of 2021

BRITISH drug maker AstraZeneca Plc on Monday(26) said that the Covid-19 vaccine being developed by the University of Oxford produces an immune response in both elderly and young people. The firm added that the adverse reactions were lower among the elderly. AstraZeneca is developing the vaccine with Oxford University researchers. It is seen as a […]

“It was a miracle”, says father whose family survived the ‘Southall gas explosion’

Sukhdev Singh, 39, has said that it was a ‘miracle’ that his family survived the gas explosion ripped through their flat in Southall, west London, last week. His five-month-old baby daughter Manseerat was rescued by a ‘hero’ fireman following the blast. “There was dust everywhere. My concern was to get my daughter out. We were […]

Community voices, celebrities urge South Asians to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes in new campaign

COMMUNITY VOICES and celebrities have urged South Asians in the UK to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes in new NHS campaign. Celebrity chefs Atul Kochhar, Anjum Anand and media medic Dr Ranj Singh are part of the inaugural campaign supported by the South Asian Health Foundation, the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin […]

Grammar school drops Clive from House name after debate

  By Amit Roy THE headmaster of a high-achieving grammar school, which has dropped Robert Clive as the name of one of its houses, said he supports the idea of teaching the colonial history of India to schoolchildren. Gary Hickey, headmaster of Haberdashers’ Adams in Newport, Shropshire, spoke to Eastern Eye following the school’s decision […]

Bollywood film feast for Diwali

  By Amit Roy THE British Board of Film Classifica­tion (BBFC) is planning a “Bollywood takeover” for Diwali because its CEO David Austin is keen to establish a close working relationship with the British Asian community. “We are doing actually quite a bit for Diwali,” Austin told Eastern Eye in an ex­clusive interview. For a […]

Gas explosion in Southall shop kills two

TWO people have been killed and 16 others, including two children, were evacuated following a suspected gas explosion at a shop in west London, firefighters have said. The blast happened at a phone shop and barbers on King Street, Southall, at around 6.20am on Wednesday(21). According to reports, four adults and one child were pulled […]

‘Stop using ethnicity when deciding who needed help’, says Dr Raghib Ali

Dr RAGHIB ALI, who advises Britain on ethnicity and Covid, has said that ‘structural racism’ is not a ‘reasonable explanation’ for black and south Asian people’s greater risk of illness and death. He added that it is time to stop using ethnicity when deciding who needed help, and urged the government to focus on factors […]