Sri Lanka capital to go into lockdown after virus surge

Sri Lanka’s capital will go back into lockdown from Friday following a surge in coronavirus cases, authorities said Thursday (29). The South Asian island nation of 21 million people has reported more than 9,200 Covid-19 infections, with over half detected in the past three weeks after more than a thousand garment factory workers tested positive. […]

Sri Lanka parliament strengthens presidential powers

Sri Lankan lawmakers approved amendments to the constitution that strengthened the powers of president Gotabaya Rajapaksa and took away parliament’s role in making key appointments such as judges and the police chief. The new amendments were passed by parliament late on Thursday with a two-thirds majority after a raucous two-day debate. Rajapaksa, a former defence […]

Pompeo to ask China partner Sri Lanka to make ‘difficult’ choices

US secretary of state Mike Pompeo will ask Sri Lanka to make “difficult” choices on its growing relationship with China amid criticism the island is sliding toward authoritarianism, an official said Thursday. Pompeo plans to warn of risks surrounding China on a trip next week that will take him to Colombo as well as India, […]

Indian star on sticky wicket over Sri Lanka legend Muralitharan’s biopic

A Indian film star is at the centre of a political storm after agreeing to play the lead in a biopic of Sri Lanka’s legendary cricket spinner and national hero Muttiah Muralitharan. Vijay Sethupathi is under pressure in his southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu not to accept the role in 800 — named after […]

Sri Lanka indicts skipper of fire-stricken oil tanker; slaps $108,000 penalty

SRI LANKA on Thursday(8) indicted the Greek skipper of a fire-damaged supertanker for causing an oil spill and failing to report the environmental damage to the island’s waters. The Panamanian-registered New Diamond, travelling from Kuwait to India with 270,000 tonnes of crude oil, was passing by Sri Lanka’s east coast when the fire broke out […]

Sri Lanka to oil tanker owners: Pay $2m bill and leave

SRI LANKA has demanded the Panamanian-registered oil tanker stricken off its coast to pay $2 million fire-fighting bill. Officials have said that they will not allow the ship to leave its waters until the bill is paid. The New Diamond, carrying 270,000 tonnes of crude, was en-route from Kuwait to India when an engine room […]

Sri Lanka returns containers of illegal waste to Britain

Sri Lanka has shipped back to Britain container-loads of waste that the government said was brought into the island in violation of international laws governing the shipping of hazardous material. The 21 containers — holding up to 260 tonnes of rubbish — first arrived by ship in the capital Colombo’s main port between September 2017 […]

India, Sri Lanka pledges to deepen defence and trade ties

INDIA AND SRI LANKA have agreed to deepen their overall defence and trade ties as well as expansion of existing cooperation in several key areas. Indian prime minister Narendra Modi on Saturday(26) held wide-ranging talks with his Sri Lankan counterpart Mahinda Rajapaksa. In his opening remarks at a virtual bilateral summit, Modi said he was […]

Three arrested in Sri Lanka for killing leopard for asthma cure

SRI LANKAN police arrested three people suspected of trapping and killing an endangered leopard and trying to sell its meat as a cure for asthma. The trio were detained on Friday (25) after police raided their home following a tip-off that they had used a snare to catch the creature in the central highlands. “They […]

Sri Lanka to get $1.84m from the fire-hit oil ship owner

SRI LANKA to get $1.84 million for its efforts to douse fire on the crude oil ship early this month. The owners of the New Diamond supertanker, which caught fire with a cargo of two million barrels of oil aboard, will pay the amount to Sri Lanka for its help in extinguishing the blaze and […]

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