Midlife fitness prevents strokes

THE FITTER people are when they reach middle age, the less likely they are to suffer a later-in-life stroke, according to US research out last month. The findings, published in a journal of the American Heart Association, are based on a study of nearly 20,000 adults aged 45 to 50. The individuals, 79 per cent […]

Breastfed kids study better

CHILDREN breastfed exclusively for their first six months of life have an easier time behaving in primary school, according to research published last Tuesday (21). Carried out in South Africa, the study assessed more than 1,500 children and found a strong link between how long they were breastfed and signs of behavioral disorders between the […]

Graduates’ brain risk

PEOPLE with at least three years of higher education are at greater risk for cancerous brain tumours than those with no more than nine years of schooling, perplexed researchers said last month. “There is a 19 per cent increased risk that university-educated men could be diagnosed with glioma,” said Amal Khanolkar, a scientist at the […]

Iftari memories

Celebrities share their favourite dishes ConneCted to the fast Faakhir (singer/songwriter): My ultimate favourite Ramadan craving is the legendary samosa. No other food item can replace the yearning for this delightful delicacy. Whether it’s a meat mince one or those filled with potatoes, my fast isn’t complete without a treat of a samosa. Humza Arshad […]

Quick and easy new ideas

by Nadeem Ahmed Sehri Smoothie Sailing Ramadan seems come quicker every year and each time we say we will be more prepared than the last time, but that is not always the case. If you have left it late this year, don’t worry – I have some great tips for saving time and eating healthily. […]

Toxins inToxins in plants increasing due to extreme weather plants increasing due to extreme weather

A RANGE of food crops which are struggling to cope with extreme weather are generating chemical compounds that can cause health problems for people and livestock who eat them, scientists have warned. Crops such as wheat and maize are creating more potential toxins as a reaction to protect themselves from extreme weather, a new report […]

Ramadan health risk for people with diabetes

FASTING during Ramadan could be dangerous for people with health conditions such as diabetes, Diabetes UK has warned. Those who fast during the holy month, due to start next Tuesday (7), will go over 17 hours a day without eating. Eating big meals at Suhoor and Iftar, the meals before and after fasting, could see […]

Healthy Living

For all you garlic lovers out there, is a book calledGarlic which fea- tures over 65 deliciously different ways to enjoy cooking with garlic. Garlic grows as a bulb and the green shoots, often called garlic chives, are also delicious and give a milder ‘garlicky’ flavour than the bulb. Garlic has many health-giving properties – […]

Yoga ‘can fight dementia’

A THREE-MONTH course in yoga and meditation, especially the ancient Indian practice of kirtan, may help boost memory and fight Alzheimer’s disease, American sci- entists have said. A team of US neuroscientists from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) found that yoga and meditation helped minimise cognitive and emotional problems that often precede […]

Cancer link to financial crisis

THE global financial crisis may have caused an additional 500,000 cancer deaths from 2008-2010, a new study said last week, with patients locked out of treatment because of unemployment and healthcare cuts. “We estimate that the economic crisis was associated with over 260,000 excess cancer deaths in the OECD (34-member Organisa- tion for Economic Co- […]