Sweet dreams: How to tackle snoring

A GUIDE TO IDENTIFYING THE PROBLEM AND CURING IT by MITA MISTRY A GOOD night’s sleep is essential to healthy living and especially for those in lockdown, but it’s not always easy if there is someone who snores in the household. With around 50 per cent of people snoring at some point in their lives, […]

Top NHS Doctor urges parents to be alert as children could experience anxiety, distress during lockdown

NHS England’s top doctor has urged parents to be alert to signs as children could experience anxiety, distress or low mood when they return to school after months away. Britain partially reopened schools on Monday (1). Professor Prathiba Chitsabesan, associate national clinical director for children and young people’s mental health of NHS England has pointed […]

Diabetes advice ‘should be culturally responsive’

By Amit Roy A LEADING diabetes doctor has advised British Asians on how they can reduce their risks from Covid-19 by taking up NHS programmes aimed at dealing with the disease. The comments from Prof Partha Kar, national speciality adviser for diabetes for NHS England, follow the publication last week of disturbing statistics which showed […]

Get Rid of gallstones in minutes with Advanced Procedure

Diagnosed with gallstones? Looking for treatment options to get rid of your gallstones? Well! Gallstones are stones found in your gallbladder which can block the biliary ducts causing intense pain in your abdomen. The size of the gall stones may vary in shape, size number, and composition. A person with gallstones may experience pain in […]

Self-care advice to follow when confined indoors

AN A TO Z GUIDE TO KEEP MIND AND BODY FIT DURING THE COVID-19 LOCKDOWN by MITA MISTRY BEING indoors because of the coronavirus will likely lead to less activity, both physical and mental, which can have detrimental effects on health. If the lockdown goes on for a prolonged period, then this will not only […]

Helpful tips to keep kids busy at home

A GUIDE TO CHILDREN’S WELLBEING DURING SELF-ISOLATION by ASJAD NAZIR PERHAPS, the biggest challenge for parents during the coronavirus lockdown is keeping their children happy, healthy and engaged on a daily basis. There are multiple things that can be done and some important considerations that need to be taken into account during these uncertain times […]

How to stay connected while social distancing

THE DIVERSE INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES KEEPING PEOPLE ENGAGED DURING COVID-19 by ASJAD NAZIR VARIOUS individuals are demonstrating that self-isolation doesn’t mean solitary confinement by giving all those indoors during the lockdown ways to keep connected. From fitness and cooking classes to quizzes and Bollywood parties, technology is being used to keep those at home healthy, entertained […]

Indoor activities to keep you occupied

A GUIDE TO USING SELF-ISOLATION TO HELP IN EVERYDAY LIFE by ASJAD NAZIR BEING indoors during self-isolation because of the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t need to be boring or just about binge watching box sets and movies. There are plenty of useful things to do indoors that are fun, healthy, enlightening and effective ways to pass […]

How the elderly can cope during Covid-19

A GUIDE TO KEEPING THE MIND AND BODY HEALTHY DURING SELF ISOLATION by ASJAD NAZIR THE global outbreak of coronavirus is affecting all areas of society and has brought the world to a literal standstill. The elderly are most susceptible to the killer disease and are having their lives disrupted, with government orders being planned […]

By volunteering, Geetika is helping Cancer Research UK save lives

CANCER is still associated with a lot of misinformation, guilt, shame and unjustified fears says Asian cancer survivor and volunteer for Cancer Research UK, Geetika. She believes that early diagnosis and cultural barriers are issues that Cancer Research UK is helping to address and wants to play her part in making a difference. “It is important for people […]