India stem cell bank could help UK patients

Plans for a public stem cell bank in India could help Asians in Britain suffering from leukaemia and other diseases, doctors claim. Dr Himanshu Katatiya, global business director at Indu Stem Cell in India, told Eastern Eye how a public cell bank could considerably improve the chance of UK Asians finding the donor they need. […]

Test hope to battle infection

AN inexpensive blood test could one day tell doctors whether an infection is caused by a virus or a bacteria, and prevent unwarranted prescribing of antibiotics, researchers said last Wednesday (6). The diagnostic test, described in the peer-reviewed journal Science Translational Medicine, is being developed by the Stanford University School of Medicine in California. The […]

Better health in old age may be ‘down to mum’

A TINY repository of DNA inherited only from one’s mother may be key for healthy ageing, according to researchers who swapped out mouse genes to prove the point. For a study published last Wednesday (6), the team created two sets of lab mice identical but for their mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) – and found that one […]

‘Special K’ party drug set to be trialled as treatment for alcoholics

BRITISH scientists are recruiting volunteers to test whether ketamine, also known as the party drug “Special K”, may be helpful in reducing relapse rates among people with severe alcoholism. Pilot studies showed ketamine combined with psychotherapy might make detoxing alcoholics less likely to relapse. Now scientists are looking for 96 volunteers with severe alcohol disorder […]

Omega-3s cut heart attack risk by 10 per cent

CONSUMING foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, sardines and anchovies, can reduce the risk of a deadly heart attack by 10 per cent, a study out last Monday (27) said. Researchers looked at blood and tissue omega-3 levels in participants of 19 studies across 16 countries, the report published in the US […]

Childhood stunting ‘great unrecognised disaster’

CHILDREN born in developing countries this year will lose more than $177 billion in potential life-time earnings because of stunting and other delays in physical development, scientists said last Wednesday (29). Children who have poor growth in their first years of life tend to perform worse at school, which usually leads to poorer earning power […]

Malnutrition mounts

MALNUTRITION is becoming the “new normal” as rising rates of obesity across the world coincide with persistent undernutrition in many poorer countries, according to a major study released last month. The Global Nutrition Report says the number of people who are obese or overweight is rising almost everywhere, fuelling an increase in diabetes and other […]

Midlife fitness prevents strokes

THE FITTER people are when they reach middle age, the less likely they are to suffer a later-in-life stroke, according to US research out last month. The findings, published in a journal of the American Heart Association, are based on a study of nearly 20,000 adults aged 45 to 50. The individuals, 79 per cent […]

Breastfed kids study better

CHILDREN breastfed exclusively for their first six months of life have an easier time behaving in primary school, according to research published last Tuesday (21). Carried out in South Africa, the study assessed more than 1,500 children and found a strong link between how long they were breastfed and signs of behavioral disorders between the […]

Graduates’ brain risk

PEOPLE with at least three years of higher education are at greater risk for cancerous brain tumours than those with no more than nine years of schooling, perplexed researchers said last month. “There is a 19 per cent increased risk that university-educated men could be diagnosed with glioma,” said Amal Khanolkar, a scientist at the […]