Keeping fit may help cut cancer risk

Staying fit can help reduce the risk of getting lung and colorectal cancer, a new study has revealed. The study was led by researchers from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the US and it analysed 49,143 adults who underwent exercise stress testing from 1991-2009. The results of the study was published in the journal […]

Young scientist bats for cancer research in the lab and on the running track

A young scientist, whose life’s ambition is to help in the fight to find a cure for cancer, stepped out of the laboratory and put her running trainers on today to take park in a 5k charity run at Hyde Park to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.  Karishma Chavda graduated with a BSc in Biomedical Science […]

Prime Minister Modi accepts Virat Kohli’s fitness challenge

India prime minister Narendra Modi has accepted cricketer Virat Kohli’s fitness challenge. “Challenge accepted!” wrote Modi on Twitter as response to Kohli’s tweet and added that he would soon post his own fitness challenge video on social media. Indian skipper Kohli had challenged Modi, cricketer MS Dhoni and his wife Anushka Sharma as a part of […]

Alcohol might not be the worst thing to drink after a workout

The food that you eat after a workout is just as important to the one you consume before hitting the gym. And while many say alcohol is an absolute NO, a fitness expert claims that a glass of beer might not be the worst drink to consume after a grueling session at the gym. According […]

Snake Diet, the latest fitness fad

If you have been on a weight loss mission for a while, then in all probability you’d have come across terms such as Paleo, keto and raw-food movement. Now it’s time to add The Snake Diet to that long list of fitness fads. Cole Robinson of Alberta claims to be the founder of The Snake […]

Obesity is socially contagious, claims a new study

A person is more likely to be obese if he is surrounded by obese people, a new study has found. The study, conducted by the University of South California, examined 3140 military families and found that obesity was socially contagious, as families sent to counties with higher obesity rates were likely to be overweight than those […]

‘High density city life is healthier and happier’

NEW research shows that urban living encourages exercise and socialising. Contrary to popular belief, busy city centres beat suburban living when it comes to human wellbeing, as socialising and walking make for happier, healthier people, according to a new report. Downtown residents – packed together in tight terraces or apartment blocks – are more active […]

Call to curb junk food portions

ASIANS URGED TO EAT HEALTHILY AMID DISEASE CONCERNS by LAUREN CODLING   A GOVERNMENT crackdown on junk food could help lower the risks of heart disease and diabetes among South Asians, according to experts. Supermarkets, takeaways and restaurants are being told to shrink thou- sands of their products to cut down on calorie content. Junk […]

Over 20 million people in UK physically inactive

More than 20 million people in the UK are physically inactive, increasing their risk of heart disease and premature death, a new report warns. The report by British Heart Foundation represents the most up-to-date analysis of UK adults and their level of inactivity – one of the most significant health crises threatening peoples cardiovascular health. […]

‘Getting healthy starts in your mind’

By Asjad Nazir TODAY Aria Arora works as an employee in a government media company based in Germany and feels on top of the world, but that was not always the case. There was a time when her weight had reached 106 kilos, and in her own words she felt like a ‘monster’. Aria felt […]