A life without worry

DO NOT TRY TO MANAGE STRESS, THE ANSWER IS TO AVOID CREATING IT WHEN I first came to the United States, wherever I went, I heard peo­ple talking about stress manage­ment. We manage our families, our money, our property, our businesses – we manage whatever is valuable to us. Why would anyone manage stress? It […]

Rudd vows to restrict acid and knife sales

BRITAIN will limit sales of sulphuric acid and outlaw the sale of such corrosive sub­stances to children after a spate of assaults and their possible use to make bombs, home secretary Amber Rudd said on Tuesday (2). Much to public alarm, the number of in­cidents where assailants have used acid has risen sharply, with police […]

Durga Puja in Britain is ‘better than in India’

BENGALI FESTIVAL THRIVING IN COMMUNITIES ACROSS BRITAIN By AMIT ROY THIS year a curious phenomenon has manifested itself in the observance of Durga Puja, the main religious festival for Hindu Bengalis that is celebrated with much enthusiasm in West Bengal and especially in the capital, Kolkata. A number of visitors from India who have come specifically […]

When brown must be ‘whiter than white’

ASIAN BUSINESSMEN SHOULD NOT BE SNIFFY ABOUT WHO THEY TALK TO LET me reveal some behind the scenes se­crets of one or two senior Asian business­men who feel they should talk only to jour­nalists from important media outlets, “such as the BBC or Bloomberg”, not “chota mota desi papers” (small Asian papers). One declared that […]


By Lauren Codling YOUNG people, including those from ethnic minority backgrounds, are still being sexually exploited by gangs, a senior investigating officer at Northumbria Police has confirmed. Detective superintendent Steve Barron, of Northumbria Police’s Safeguarding Department and Operation Sanctuary’s senior investigating officer, told Eastern Eye last Thursday (28) that officers are investigating abuse of vulnerable […]

Gandhi’s enduring legacy

UN MARKS MAHATMA’S BIRTH ANNIVERSARY AS NON-VIOLENCE DAY I WANT to thank the Permanent Mission of India for organising today’s event. It gives us an opportunity to focus on non-vio­lence and on the way it can change how we live. Mahatma Gandhi was born on this day, Octo­ber 2, 148 years ago. He dedicated his […]

The write way to learn Indian drums

A RADICAL Indian drum notation system has been created by a British Asian musician, making the instrument more accessible to musicians. Kuljit Bhamra MBE has provided a method to notate and demystify the Indian musical rhythms, which are notorious for being espe­cially difficult. The system is designed so musicians from all backgrounds and cultures can […]

Uber battles for its future

HIRE FIRM HOLDS ‘CONSTRUCTIVE’ TALKS WITH TRANSPORT FOR LONDON UBER promised to make things right in Lon­don after its new global boss had a “construc­tive” meeting with the city’s transport regula­tor to try to hold on to the app’s operating li­cence in one of its main foreign markets. Transport for London (TfL), which runs and regulates […]

Garden design heads east

MUGHAL INFLUENCE SPREADS IN BRITISH OPEN SPACES by NADEEM BADSHAH MORE gardens in Britain are having a makeover inspired by the Mughal empire – perhaps in the hope of an Indian summer. Asian families and owners of historic sites across the UK are having a Taj Mahal-style theme to their outdoor spaces, according to experts. They […]

Chopra, Mindy in Forbes list

  INDIAN-ORIGIN actresses Priyanka Chopra (right), Mindy Kaling and actor Kunal Nayyar are among the high­est-paid TV stars, a survey by Forbes magazine has shown. Chopra, an established Bollywood star who made her TV acting debut in the US with Quantico, has earnings estimated at $10 million and was ranked eighth on the Forbes list. […]