Mumbai-based comic Aditi Mittal finds humour across cultures

by LAUREN CODLING INDIAN comedian Aditi Mittal has said that her Edinburgh Fringe debut this summer was a “comedy bootcamp” that changed her approach to the craft. Mittal, 31, who is among the few successful Indian female comedians, was among performers at the renowned festival in August. “It was like being at comedy boot camp. […]

Sri M to visit UK

By Lady Mohini Noon The great living yogi Sri M is in London this month for his first British teaching tour. From his talk on Virtuous Leadership in the House of Lords, to workshops on The Search for Happiness According to Vedanta, and a New Future Vision for the Youth, Sri M addresses concerns common […]

Couple behind Bapu’s religious event reveal all

By Sairah Masud A BRITISH INDIAN couple and their family who organised a nine-day religious discourse by one of India’s leading spiritual leaders, Pujya Morari Bapu, said there was a ‘bigger presence’ that exceeded their own efforts in making the summer event a success. Hotelier Rishi Sachdev and his wife Meenal worked for nearly a […]

Period stigma affects South Asian girls in the UK

by LAUREN CODLING A YOUNG girl told of “feeling unclean, dirty and impure” as she stood in the shower, sobbing, as she watched blood flow down the drain. “The water was pure, while I was not,” she said. “I was overwhelmed and even felt slightly guilty for reasons even I do not understand. I only […]

English marriage law bias hits Asians

by SAIRAH MASUD “DISCRIMINATORY” English marriage laws has resulted in many south Asian couples – the vast majority being Muslims – failing to complete a civil registration, thus leading to complications when the marriage breaks down, particularly for the woman, an academic has said. Under existing rules, minority faith marriages should be registered, meaning that […]

Divorce could lead to mental health problems for Asian men

BY LAUREN CODLING DIVORCE could lead to mental health problems and increased stress levels within south Asian communities if it is not openly discussed. Aatif Majid, a 38-year-old songwriter got married in 2009, but divorced six years later, because of factors that included work pressures and health challenges. The British-Pakistani told Eastern Eye last Friday […]

Survivor of Nairobi mall shooting speaks of impact on family four years on

by LAUREN CODLING A SURVIVOR of the Westgate Mall shootings in Nairobi has said she and her children are still affected by the attack, four years after it happened. Kamal Kaur, a radio presenter at Kenyan radio station East FM, who was part of a team hosting a cooking competition for children at the time […]

Gay parenting play ‘Of Kith and Kin’ tests liberal views

BY LAUREN CODLING ACTRESS Chetna Pandya’s enthusiasm about her new play, Of Kith and Kin, is infectious. It tells the story of Daniel and Oliver who are looking forward to the latest addition to their brood – with a little help from their best friend and surrogate mother, Priya, played by  Pandya, aged 36. But […]

Who killed Benazir Bhutto? The theories behind the murder

A Pakistani anti-terrorism court declared former military ruler Pervez Musharraf a fugitive in ex-prime minister Benazir Bhutto’s murder trial Thursday, nearly 10 years after the iconic political figure was gunned down in the streets of Rawalpindi. The court dismissed charges against five alleged Taliban militants accused of being involved in the killing, while two police […]

‘Rethink of Prevent strategy’ needed to end radicalisation, says Rudd

By Sairah Masud HOME SECRETARY Amber Rudd was in Tower Hamlets on Tuesday (29) to discuss how community engagement had to be improved through the government’s Prevent strategy in tackling radicalisation. Meeting with women who are involved in the counter-terrorism policy’s operation in the city, it was advised that a more proactive approach was needed […]