‘Rethink of Prevent strategy’ needed to end radicalisation, says Rudd

By Sairah Masud HOME SECRETARY Amber Rudd was in Tower Hamlets on Tuesday (29) to discuss how community engagement had to be improved through the government’s Prevent strategy in tackling radicalisation. Meeting with women who are involved in the counter-terrorism policy’s operation in the city, it was advised that a more proactive approach was needed […]

Oxford alumni give advice to Malala

By Lauren Codling ALUMNI from Oxford University have come forward to give advice to British-Pakistani Malala Yousafzai as she revealed she has been accepted to study at the renowned institution in the upcoming academic year. The Nobel Peace Prize winner is expected to study philosophy, politics and economics (PPE), a subject which has a reputation […]

Fifteen years after bloody riots, Indian Muslims struggling to escape Gujarat ghettos

S hahjahan Bano was a young boy in February 2002, selling vegetables with his mother in a market in Ahmedabad in the western Indian state of Gujarat, when some of the worst communal riots in the country’s history broke out. For days mobs rampaged the city, burning houses, looting shops, raping women and killing men, women […]

The murky world of Pakistan’s illegal kidney trade

When Pakistani authorities burst into a makeshift hospital in Lahore this year, doctors were caught mid-way through two illegal kidney transplants, the local donors and Omani clients still unconscious on the tables. The doctors were allowed to finish the operation then arrested, along with their assistants and the Omanis, in a raid Pakistani authorities say […]

Politics of Death: The Bangladeshi professor defending nature with his life

Veteran Bangladeshi academic-activist Anu Muhammad is no stranger to death threats, beatings, persecution and arrest so when the professor of economics received a chilling text message shortly after midnight, it barely registered. “Death keeps no calendar, and Ansatullah knows no time!” But a few hours later, on that same October morning last year, a second […]

Swedish woman adopted as toddler uncovers sordid past in hunt for her Indian mother

As an Indian child adopted and raised in Sweden, Nilakshi Elizabeth Purve Jorendal, was always curious about her birth mother. Her adoptive parents were open about her background, which was “hard to miss when you are a brown girl growing up in a white country” with three white siblings, said Jorendal, now 44. So in […]

Saving Pakistan’s lost city of Mohenjo Daro

The centre of a powerful ancient civilisation, Mohenjo Daro was one of the world’s earliest cities – a Bronze Age metropolis boasting flush toilets and a water and waste system to rival many in modern Pakistan. Some 5,000 years on archaeologists believe the ruins could unlock the secrets of the Indus Valley people, who flourished […]

Kashmir’s brutal stories get cartoon treatment

Through sombre black and white drawings, graphic novelist Malik Sajad tells the brutal story of his native Kashmir in the 1990s, as an armed insurgency against Indian rule reached its bloody peak. Sajad’s debut graphic novel Munnu is his account of growing up in the Kashmir Valley, one of the most spectacular but also most […]

India’s Muslim women fight tradition and family for right to property

Shabana was 18 years old when she was married to a man 15 years her senior, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It wasn’t long before he began beating her. Worried for her safety and that of her two young kids, Shabana begged her eldest brother to let her return to her parental […]

Solar power: A shot in the arm for India’s health centres

For Dr Vinayak Salunke, flashlights worth less than $10 each are one of the most valuable assets at the Vihamandra health centre in Aurangabad in India‘s western state of Maharashtra. With the clinic serving a population of 48,000, Salunke must prepare for up to six hours of power cuts daily, rather like a surgeon scrubbing […]