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Zafar’s Cake has all the right ingredients

RECENT cinematic release Cake has received universal acclaim and been hailed by many as path-breaking for the Pakistani film industry. The story of family mem­bers confronting their past has a number of standout performances, including from London-based actress Beo Raana Zafar, who has won hearts with her portrayal of the quick-witted mother. Eastern Eye enjoyed […]

Jaya Bachchan special: Ten of her best movies

TO MOST modern day Bolly­wood fans, she is known as a the senior of figure of a famous film family, but there is so much more to Jaya Bach­chan than being a wife, mother and mother-in-law of famous film stars. Jaya is considered to be one of the most technically gifted actresses in the history […]

How to make the most noise as a dynamic DJ

by ASJAD NAZIR WE ASK SOME OF BRITAIN’S TOP SPINNERS ABOUT THEIR GO-TO TUNES AND SECRETS BEHIND CREATING THE PERFECT NIGHT OUT WHETHER it is club nights, festivals, private events, weddings or other celebratory occasions, DJs have an ability to adapt and entertain people in a way no one else can. The dynamite DJs use various […]

The religion of a modern romance

by ASJAD NAZIR KURAN DOHIL STARS IN THOUGHT-PROVOKING PLAY COCONUT MOST British Asians can relate to falling in love with someone considered the “wrong person” by their family and community. New theater play Coconut explores this with the story of a British Muslim female disconnected from her culture who falls in love with a white man. […]

Fan Club Of The Week – Mahendra Singh Dhoni

ONE of the greatest sporting idols to ever emerge from India, Mahendra Singh Dhoni rose up from a humble beginning to achieve incredible suc­cess as a cricketer and has countless magical moments that enchanted an entire nation. The heroic wicketkeeper and bats­man has over a billion fans world­wide, including Thanesh From Tamil Nadu, India, who […]

My top 10 Indian English Poets to look out for by Dr Farah Siddiqui Matin

“BE IT debates, cultural collabora­tions or impressive work, Indian English poets have played a mo­mentous role in recent years. “With a slender, yet distinct space, these poets have been at the forefront of literary activities in India and abroad. Here are 10 admirable Indi­an English poets who never fail to surprise us with their poetic […]

Recipe for success

by ASJAD NAZIR SANAM SAEED TAKES PAKISTANI CINEMA TO ANOTHER LEVEL WITH GAME-CHANGER CAKE POPULAR actress Sanam Saeed has helped introduce artistry into Pakistani storytelling with terrific turns on television, stage and in cinema. She continues her remarkable run of projects with her newly-re­leased film Cake, a drama about a family that sees a painful past […]

The brains behind balancing energy

by ASJAD NAZIR NEETA SINHA ON THE SCIENCE OF ASTRO-ARCHITECTURE AND KEY TO LIVING A HAPPY HEALTHY LIFE A PIONEER in the field of balancing energies, Neeta Sinha uses her expert knowledge to help thousands of clients, including high-profile mov­ie stars like Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. The world’s only astro-architect creates harmony […]

My top 10 travel destinations by Punam Verma

Hawaii: They say the ancient civilisations of Lemuria and At­lantis once resided here, and as a result the spiritual energy on the islands is incredible. I can definitely vouch for that as there is a special magic in Hawaii that cannot be compared. It is also one of the most beautiful and natural places in […]

Fan Club Of The Week – Niti Taylor

TALENTED TV star Niti Taylor has loyal fans who follow her every move and show unconditional support. One fan club dedicated to the actress on Twitter and Instagram was started by Khushi and is now handled by Sa­miksha. Eastern Eye caught up with Samiksha to find out more… What made you run the fan club? […]