My playlist – Rush Toor

ACCLAIMED music producer Rishi Rich recently launched his new record label Break The Noise with the single Das De Tu, which teamed up British singer Jagtar with American rap talent Rush Toor. Hailing from Malaysia and living in San Francisco Bay Area, America, Rush Toor is a naturally gifted rap talent who has been influenced […]

My playlist – Kerfew

LEICESTER based rapper Kerfew (UK) recently released his latest single On Fire, which is produced by  Hooliyo Beats. He is looking forward to releasing a seventrack Gujarati/English EP next year. Eastern Eye got British talent Kerfew (UK) to select 10 songs he loves. “When I was asked to do a top 10 music list, I […]

My playlist – DJ Heer

CANADIAN talent DJ Heer balances spinning the biggest hits live with hosting a radio show and writing about music. The dynamic DJ is not surprisingly surrounded by a huge music collection and found it challenging to select just 10 songs he loves, but after some thought selected some superb hits. Chitta Kurta by Karan Aujla: […]

My playlist – DJ Vish

RISING British music star DJ Vish has lit up events with his dynamic skills on the decks and shown quite comprehensively that he knows how to entertain large crowds. Having been brought up in the film industry, he has been surrounded by hit songs from a young age and turned that passion into a successful […]

My playlist – Junaid Khan

HE MAY be known as a gifted actor who has delivered winning performances in a number of popular drama serials in the past decade, but popular star Junaid Khan started his journey as a musician and was part of explosive rock group Call. Even though the naturally gifted singer-songwriter is making the leap to cinema, […]

My Playlist – Mustafa Khetty

AFTER a lifetime of working in IT and business, Mustafa Khetty returned to his first passion of music and released his debut single Requiem For New Zealand last month. The composer and songwriter released the powerful and lyrically emotive song in remembrance of 51 innocent people murdered in a mosque during a terror attack in […]

My playlist – Romaan

TALENTED newcomer Romaan recently introduced himself to the music industry with his dynamic debut track Frozen Heart. The 19-year-old British-Pakistani from Manchester started writing lyrics at the age of 13 and later went on to develop his passion for rap. Romaan has grown up being inspired by eclectic musical influences and did a countdown of […]

My playlist – Gaurika

TALENTED British Asian newcomer Gaurika announced herself to the music industry last month with her debut single I’m Alive, which featured pop star Sean Kingston. The young singer/songwriter has been connected to music her entire life and grew up with eclectic global influences. That was apparent when the rising star selected songs she loves. Everything […]

My Playlist – Kzr

RISING music star Kzr has been surrounded by music his whole life and grew up in the East London grime scene. He had diverse musical inspirations growing up and used his natural ability to create a unique style, which was apparent in his song Come To Me. With more music, big collaborations and live performances […]

My playlist with Harshi Mad

UK BORN singer Harshi Mad has gone from appearing in finals of popular music reality TV shows to making a mark in India. The award-winning artist has sung in multiple languages, including for cinema, and performed at more than 1,600 shows globally. Having been connected to music from a young age, she has always had […]

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