Pakistan imposes mask order, curfew as coronavirus cases rise

A mandatory mask order came into force in Pakistani cities on Thursday (29) in a bid to prevent a second wave of coronavirus cases in the impoverished country as winter approaches. For months Pakistan appeared to have dodged the worst of the pandemic, baffling health experts after fears its crowded urban areas and ramshackle hospitals […]

Modi warns against ‘complacency’ as India’s Covid-19 cases touch 8 million

INDIA’s Covid-19 cases passed eight million on Thursday(29) just ahead of the busy festival season in the country. India reported its first coronavirus infection on January 30, 2020, and now it is world’s second-worst-hit country after the US. Textiles minister Smriti Irani has become the latest of several cabinet members to test positive for the […]

Covid-19 patients without symptoms lose antibodies sooner, finds study

A new study published in Britain on Tuesday (27) found out that asymptomatic coronavirus sufferers appear to lose detectable antibodies sooner than people who have exhibited Covid-19 symptoms. The study, first of its kind in the country, by Imperial College London and market research firm Ipsos Mori also suggest the loss of antibodies was slower […]

Large portion of COVID-19 vaccines likely to be manufactured in India: Gates Foundation

A very large portion of COVID-19 vaccines are likely to be manufactured in India through the country’s strong and robust private sector partners, said Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation CEO Mark Suzman. Suzman noted that India is doing everything it can right now with the resources at hand to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. “I think […]

Doctors in Delhi see jump in breathing issues amid COVID-19, pollution

Top doctors in New Delhi are reporting a jump in respiratory problems among its residents, coinciding with the onset of peak pollution season in India’s capital and raising concerns about complications for COVID-19 patients. Doctors from five different Delhi hospitals told Reuters they have received twice the number of patients with respiratory illnesses such as […]

Rishi Sunak expands COVID-19 jobs support grants for UK businesses

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak on Thursday (22) announced an expansion of the Job Support Scheme already in place to provide struggling businesses further taxpayer support with wages and additional grants amid the lockdown measures brought in to tackle the second wave of the pandemic. In recognition of the “challenging times” ahead, the finance minister laid […]

Mark Suzman says India likely to make a ‘very large portion’ of Covid-19 vaccines

INDIA is likely to manufacture a very large portion of Covid-19 vaccines through its strong and robust private sector partners, a top official of a global firm said. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation CEO Mark Suzman has added that India is doing everything it can right now with the resources at hand to fight the pandemic. […]

Wearing mask will shield passengers from Covid-19 on planes, says study

A NEW study has revealed that passengers wearing masks are at a very low risk of contracting Covid-19 on planes, even during packed flights. The study, conducted aboard United Airlines Boeing 777 and 767 aircraft, showed that masks helped minimize exposure to infection when someone coughed, even in neighboring seats. When a seated passenger is […]

Narendra Modi committed to COVID-19 vaccine for all citizens

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday (20) said the government was working rapidly to ensure the supply of COVID-19 vaccines to all citizens once they are available. In his address to the nation, Modi urged Indians to continue wearing masks and uphold social distancing rules to prevent further spread of the pandemic ahead of […]

Study says ICUs without air-conditioning might save doctors from Covid-19

A new study has found out that Intensive care units (ICUs) at hospitals without air-conditioning could limit the risk of infecting doctors. The study by the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru suggested to do away with air-conditioning at hospitals treating Covid-19 patients, if possible. Frontline health workers around the world have borne the brunt […]

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