Colonial history lessons

By Amit Roy NO PUN is intended, but since the statue of 17th century slave trader Ed­ward Colston was pulled down in Bristol, the Brit­ish have had a crash course in their colonial history – which is not touched in schools. An otherwise well-in­formed presenter on LBC expressed surprise that Winston Churchill (right) had something […]

Road map in Southall

By Amit Roy THE question of whether Havelock Road in Southall should be changed to something like Guru Nanak Road has come up again. The leader of Ealing Council, councillor Julian Bell, is sympathetic to the idea and has announced “there will be full and proper statu­tory consultation before any changes are made”. Bell told […]

Gandhi ‘evolved as a person with the years’

By Amit Roy THE Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement didn’t exactly win friends in the Indian community by daubing the word “racist” on the pedestal steps of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Parlia­ment Square and flicking white paint on the bronze. In fact, quite the opposite. I have not heard of a single black leader who […]

Why we need to reflect before destroying old statues

By Lord Meghnad Desai DURING the Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstrations around the world after the death in the US of George Floyd, a lot of rage was expressed against racism and in­justice to black people. Many monuments and statues were de­faced and damaged, among them the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. The one in London’s […]

Johnson’s commission ‘will keep race disparity on the agenda’

By Sunder Katwala Director British Future thinktank “ACTION this day!” became Winston Churchill’s Second World War watchword. So he might have been looking down quizzically as his successor Boris Johnson announced a new cross-govern­ment commission to look at all aspects of ine­quality, in an article pledging “to resist with every breath of my body” any […]

India’s licensing deal to supply Covid-19 vaccine ‘will ensure equitable access’

By Lord Tariq Ahmad Minister for South Asia and the Commonwealth AS THE world confronts coronavirus, one of its greatest ever challenges, we need a united global effort to tackle this invisible killer. Coronavirus has brought tragic loss of life and economic hardship to countries around the world. It also threatens to overwhelm health systems […]

Demolition of Closton’s statue has divided opinion

By Amit Roy THE home secretary, Priti Patel, has condemned the demolition of the stat­ue of slave trader Edward Colston by ‘Black Lives Matter’ protestors in Bris­tol last Sunday (7). “I think that is utterly disgraceful,” she said. “Sheer vandalism and disorder is completely unacceptable and it’s right the police follow up on that and […]

‘Choosing to make black lives matter in the UK too’

By Barry Gardiner   Labour MP for Brent North WE ARE moulded by our background, our family, our ethnicity. They all contribute to who we are. But they do not de­fine us. We have the power to think not only of how things are, but also of how they ought to be. What defines us […]

Protests spark need for quicker equality action

By Sunder Katwala Director British Future thinktank BLACK lives matter. That has been the central theme of protests in America and Britain against racial inequality. The British demonstrations showed solidarity with those protesting the shocking killing of George Floyd in America, yet their main message was to highlight how much racial inequality is unfinished business […]

India through British eyes

By Amit Roy FATHER CLEARY, our English teacher at St Xavier’s School in Patna, taught us never to use the expression, “return back” – “oth­erwise you will end up where you started”. Still, the question is whether British Indians – those who came to the UK as first-genera­tion immigrants and their chil­dren and grandchildren born […]