Indian gifts to universities

By Amit Roy A NUMBER of universities in the UK and the US have acknowledged donations from Indians in time-honoured fashion. At Oxford, the post of professor of vaccinology, currently held by Prof Adrian Hill, is being renamed the Lakshmi Mit­tal and Family Professorship of Vacci­nology, after receiving a £3.5-million donation from the steel tycoon. […]

Removing statues and renaming institutions are ‘gesture politics’

By Amit Roy THE Cass Business School in London has made a serious error of judgement in agreeing to change its name, just as Oriel College, Ox­ford, has in giving in to the anti-racist lobby and announcing the statue of its imperialist benefactor, Cecil Rhodes, will be removed. The dilemma for many British institutions, as […]

A brand new world

by Zara Ahmed WE CAN’T get away from the fact that our world has now changed. That dramatic difference in the way we live will carry on long after this coronavirus lockdown is over. Before the global shutdown due to this terrible virus occurred, most of us were running a race that had no end […]

Why politicians and academics should choose their words wisely

By Amit Roy COMPLETE freedom of expression is fine in theory, but free speech sometimes has to be combined with restraint, especially when you are in a position of responsibility. This is something that appears to have escaped Imran Khan. A week ago, Pakistan’s prime minister said: “I will never forget how we Pakistanis were […]

Mourning loss

by MITA MISTRY I WRITE these words with a heavy heart as we mourn the loss of those who lost their fight against Covid-19 or other illnesses. These are not normal times and there is huge suffering around us. Every single day, we learn of someone losing their life, like the brave key workers, innocent […]

Why UK policy makers ‘must address Britain’s colonial role’

By Dr Roshan Doug I have been a history enthusiast since my primary school days. In the 1960s I was part of the second generation of immigrants acquiring and adapting features of a foreign culture and its language. Integration was everything. Although as pupils from the New Commonwealth we didn’t have role models or anyone […]

Telling family stories

By Amit Roy IF THESE months of liv­ing through the lockdown have demonstrated any­thing, it has been about the fragility of human life. It is also about the im­portance of putting down family histories, because stories should be passed on from one generation to the next before they are lost. At his home in Col­chester, […]

Men’s mental health

by MITA MISTRY “WE can never judge the lives of others because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation,” Paulo Coelho. I’ve been writing about mental health issues in the South Asian community for some time now and I cannot stress the importance of it enough, especially in light of the tragic loss […]

Asian journalists call for better BAME representation in media

By Amit Roy TWO senior journalists, Shekhar Bhatia and Vivek Chaudhary, have done a signal service in writing an open letter to the Society of Editors to make the case for greater diversity in Brit­ain’s newsrooms, saying it’s “time for change”. It is a persuasive letter written by Shekhar and Vivek, who have appealed for […]

Colonial history lessons

By Amit Roy NO PUN is intended, but since the statue of 17th century slave trader Ed­ward Colston was pulled down in Bristol, the Brit­ish have had a crash course in their colonial history – which is not touched in schools. An otherwise well-in­formed presenter on LBC expressed surprise that Winston Churchill (right) had something […]