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How Covid-19 is undoing the diversity agenda

By Nic Hammarling Head of Diversity Pearn Kandola THE beginning of April was meant to mark a big week for diversity. Specifically, gender di­versity, because Mon­day (4) was the third annual deadline for or­ganisations with more than 250 employees to report their respective gender pay gaps. As in previous years, there would have been a […]

Bard’s birthday letter

By Amit Roy WILLIAM SHAKE­SPEARE was remem­bered last week by his fans all over the world, especially in India, on the occasion of his 456th birthday on April 23, 2020, according to the artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Greg Doran. In a birthday letter to “Dear Shakespeare”, Doran said that “more than any […]

Scientists should lead review into impact of Covid-19 on minorities

By Amit Roy THE Labour party announced last week that Sir Keir Starmer had “appointed campaigner and Labour peer Doreen Lawrence to the post of race relations adviser and tasked her with leading a review into the impact of coronavirus on black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities”. The whole nation has the highest regard […]

Cooking in quarantine

by MEERA DAS AS THE whole world learns to slow down and stay at home during these challenging times, I found myself returning from an adventure fuelled holiday and taking on an immediate, self-imposed quarantine, just in case I was a coronavirus carrier. My focus was shifted in an instant. I was homebound with all […]

Failure to warn BAME communities of virus risk ‘is a scandal’

By Amit Roy ONE day when the coronavirus pandemic is over – and it will be over – there will be an in­quiry into how the government in the UK handled the crisis. But we don’t need to wait for an inquiry to realise that the lack of proper gowns, masks, and gloves that might […]

Gardens reveal hidden inequalities in society

By Amit Roy THE coronavirus lockdown has emphasised differences between people with gardens and those without outside space. According to one survey, a third of the area in the better-off areas is taken up by gardens. That proportion falls to a fifth in poor areas. If parks are sealed off, as has been threatened by […]

Lumley’s legacy

By Amit Roy WHEN Joanna Lumley appeared as a guest on Classic FM last Sunday (12), she was introduced by a star-struck presenter John Humphrys – he is no longer the fierce in­quisitor from his Radio 4 Today days – with the gushing words: “There are so many Joanna Lum­leys – there is the very […]

Shades of grief

by MITA MISTRY “SOMETIMES it’s ok if the only thing you did was breathe.” – Yumi Sakugawa The world has changed, and normality has been replaced with uncertainty. Although it is temporary, it may not feel that way. One minute you’re feeling positive, fuelled by stories of community and kindness, and the next moment, you’re […]

Queen offers messages of support in dealing with virus

By Amit Roy AS CHILDREN in the heat and dust of India, we learnt about the “Lady with the Lamp”. So, it woke memories from long ago to hear Prince Charles refer to her last week when open­ing the NHS Nightingale Hospital in London by video link from his home 530 miles away in Birkhall […]

Chance to rid Labour of anti-India poison

By Amit Roy LABOUR’S apparent backing for Paki­stan on the Kashmir issue is hardly a priority for Sir Keir Starmer, except that on being elected party leader last week after four disastrous years under Jeremy Corbyn, he pledged to “tear out this poison” of anti-Semitism. Sooner or later, he will have to tackle the “anti- […]