‘UK can support Indian financial technology growth’

by CHARLES BOWMAN Lord mayor of the City of London AS LORD MAYOR of the City of London, and one of the principal ambassadors for the UK’s financial and professional services sector, this week I’m in India leading a delegation of UK start-ups on a hugely exciting visit which takes me to Mumbai, Bangalore and […]

Of diversity and talent

THE Daily Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson struck a dissenting note about the much-praised BBC drama Bodyguard, which she said “wasn’t much cop.” “And that wasn’t just because the police in the show had been cast with diversity, rather than talent or charisma, in mind,” she added. Although she didn’t spell this out, diversity and talent […]

Trading on Midlands-India ties

by JAMES BROKENSHIRE Housing, communities and local government secretary, and Midlands engine champion TO SECURE a future filled with prosperity and maintain our place at the world’s top table after Brexit, we need all parts of our country working to their full potential. This rings true for private bodies as much as it does for […]

Piccadilly Circus lights up with Mahatma’s message

by AMIT ROY MAHATMA Gandhi’s universal messages of peace and reconciliation are being taken all over the world as part of his 150th anniversary celebrations. In London on Tuesday (2), the Indian icon’s images and some of his famous sayings were projected on to a giant screen in Piccadilly Circus. This was once considered the […]

Faith matters in education

by MUSTAFA FIELD MBE MODERN Britain is as diverse as it has ever been. People of over 200 different nationalities now call the UK home, and more than 300 different languages are spoken in British schools. Added to this rich cauldron of diversity is a host of religions, denominations and world views that stand outside […]

‘People’s vote’ or Brexit?

by Amit Roy BREXIT is like the Kashmir problem – there is no solution to it. Talk of a second referendum is getting stronger, but even if one was held, it is unlikely to bring the warring sides together. For a start, there is no guarantee that a second referendum – called a “people’s vote” […]

Passing the One Nation test

by Sunder Katwala Director, British Future IF WE want an integrated Britain, every party that aspires to govern our country should commit to meeting this ‘One Nation’ test – no citizen should feel there is a tension between that party and their faith or their ethnic background. Both Labour and the Conservatives would say they […]


by NADEEM BADSHAH A PROJECT using cricket to tackle sexism in India’s schools has been praised by sports chiefs in the UK. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), coaches and charities have hailed the British Council-funded scheme where thousands of girls in India play the sport while boys learn how to dance. The Changing […]

What now for gay Indians?

IT HAS not been easy for gay and lesbian people in the Indian community in the UK to be open about their sexuality. Over the years they have come to be tolerated, but conventional marriage between a man and a woman remains the accepted norm. Now that India’s supreme court has struck down Section 377, […]

‘Mankind’s future depends on the talents of women’

by PENNY MORDAUNT THINK back to when you last hired a car. When you went to pick it up from the lease company, what did you do? Women, I find, tend to check the location and function of the lights, find out where the horn is, work out how to tune the radio, double check […]