OUTRAGE: Students protest against the fresh cases of violence against women

INDIAN police said on Monday (15) they were investigating the gang rape and murder of two teenage girls whose mutilated bodies were found hours apart in a state bordering New Delhi.  

The brutality of the crimes in Haryana, a deeply conservative state in northern India, has cre­ated shockwaves even in a region with a grim record of violence against women.  

Police are pursuing a group of men suspected of raping and murdering a 15-year-old girl from Kurukshetra district whose badly disfigured body was found dumped in a stream last Friday (12).  

District police chief Abhishek Garg said the girl had sustained massive internal injuries, sug­gesting the attackers used a blunt object during the attack.  

“At least four men are suspect­ed to be behind the crime,” Garg said. “A massive search is under­way to arrest the perpetrators.”  

Just hours later, police in Pani­pat district last Saturday found the body of a 12-year-old girl in a pond. Panipat police chief Rahul Sharma said two men, both neighbours of the victim, had been ar­rested over the crime.  

They had confessed to luring the girl to their house before rap­ing and killing her, Sharma added.  

The crimes underscore India’s atrocious record on sexual vio­lence, which remains high.  

Official figures show nearly 36,000 minors were sexually as­saulted in 2016. A UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in 2014 said one in three rape victims in India was a minor and expressed alarm over the widespread sexual abuse of children.  

In a separate incident last Sun­day, a 22-year-old woman was allegedly kidnapped and raped inside a car by four men in Haryana be­fore being dumped by the roadside.  

The high rates of assault con­tinue despite an overhaul of laws in the wake of a high-profile fatal gang rape of a Delhi student in 2012 that sparked mass protests.  

That crime shone a spotlight on the rising levels of violence against women in India, and saw the introduction of tough penal­ties for offenders and accelerated trials through court.