Brooker: In praise of Konnie and family life

Brooker (left) with Konnie Huq
GOOD DECISION: Charlie Brooker (left) with Konnie Huq

COMEDIAN Charlie Brooker has said he thought marriage and having children was “something other people did” before he fell in love with wife Konnie Huq.

The broadcaster and writer married the former Blue Peter presenter, 42, in 2010 in Las Vegas after being together for nine months. The couple have two sons togeth­er, Covey and Huxley.

Brooker, 46, said: “It was weird because, for years, I had not known if I wanted kids or a family. That seemed like something that other people did. I couldn’t perceive of that as a future. And then Konnie came along and quite early on she said, ‘I want kids and a family’ and this sort of thing, and I heard myself going ‘OK’, and sort of thought, ‘oh, right, why have I said that?’ [But] It was the best decision I ever made.”

Brooker said it was “such a cliché” to ad­mit being a father has changed him as he had previously said he did not want children.

He said: “I remember when Konnie was pregnant with our first son Covey. This was like in 2012 when he was born, and it was a thing I could worry about, the pregnancy.

“But my biggest fear was I had heard about dads who, the baby is born and they just don’t connect, or for whatever reason, they don’t emotionally connect. I didn’t really get babies and kids. I was like, ‘that’s going to be me, what if I feel nothing?’

He added: “In the event, there was an emergency C-section, there was a bit of drama going on, which I was weirdly calm for. They pop up the sheets like a magic trick – basically it was horrific – and they bring out this little screaming baby and hand it to me, because she was so out of it.”