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Bollywood and the ‘seven-year affair’

DRAMA: Fake pic? and (right) Krrish 3
DRAMA: Fake pic? and (right) Krrish 3

FROM Bollywood, meanwhile, comes another tale of alleged sexu­al harassment – this time involving Hrithik Roshan, 43, who is appar­ently refusing to admit he has dis­carded the actress Kangana Ranaut, 31, after a clandestine seven-year-long affair with her.

Their row, which appears to have become the main talking point on (un)social media, could also make an entertaining movie.

Hrithik acknowledges working with Kangana on two movies – Kites (2010) and Krrish 3 (2013) – but denies an affair or evening so­cialising with her “one-on-one”. Hrithik’s former wife, Sussanne Khan, has backed her ex-husband, as has the actor, Farhan Akhtar.

Hrithik has also given a long in­terview to Indian television pre­senter Arnab Goswami, claiming his passport proves he was not even abroad when he allegedly got engaged to Kangana in Paris in January 2014. Meanwhile, Kanga­na’s sister, Rangoli Chandel, has produced numerous emails plus an intimate picture of the couple, but this has been dismissed as a photo­shopped fake, as have the emails.

Prima facie, it doesn’t look good for Kangana. But in Bollywood you begin with two assumptions: no one ever tells the whole truth; and nothing is as it seems to be.

That said, Hollywood should col­laborate with Bollywood to turn this into a blockbuster – produced maybe by Harvey Weinstein!