Bobby Deol talks about his comeback in Bollywood after 4 years

Bollywood actor Bobby Deol is nervous and excited to make a comeback in Bollywood after 4 years. His upcoming film Poster Boys is scheduled to release on Friday.

“Since a long time I have not done any film. It’s been four years. When Shreyas told me the script of this film, I was excited and nervous because I have mainly played roles where either I am very rich or I am glamorous. This is the first time when I was offered a small town character. I got excited about that,” Bobby said.

Sunny Deol who is also playing the lead in the film, said, “I didn’t see the Marathi version of this film when Poster Boys was offered to me, though I had heard that the Marathi film had become a hit. Later I got to know about the idea of the film and I loved it. That’s why I thought I should be a part of this project. Before Shreyas, I have worked with a lot of directors. You should have trust in your director. So, I had trust in him while working on this film.”

Shreyas Talpade who is the director of Poster Boys and also co-produced the Marathi version of the film, added, “This film is not at all preachy. It’s just a simple movie, which is made only for entertainment purpose. When we made this film in Marathi in 2014, that time also a few people thought whether people will see this film or not as it’s based on vasectomy. But the success of that film proved that people are ready for it. That’s what motivated us to make this film in Bollywood. The audience itself insisted that it’s a pan-India subject.”