IMPRESSIVE: Digangana Suryavanshi
IMPRESSIVE: Digangana Suryavanshi

by Asjad Nazir 

SHE may be only 23, but naturally gifted actress Digangana Suryavanshi has carved out an impressive career that started off at the age of seven and has resulted in a huge number of winning performances. After having big success on television, she made a remarkable double leap to movies in 2018 when her first two films Jalebi and FryDay released on the same day. The versatile actress is continuing to rise up through the cinematic ranks and will next be seen in big budget Bollywood film The Battle of Bhima Koregaon, which is a period war drama based on real events.

Eastern Eye caught up with Digangana Suryavanshi to discuss her new film opposite Arjun Rampal, working during a pandemic and future hopes.

Is the biggest challenge for you to find good projects?
I think right now the aim is to do projects that reach out to a big audience. So, I get to do the kind of work I want to do. I think I am still not in that space where I get to pick up projects, where the script chooses me more than me choosing the script.

What did you like about The Battle Of Bhima Koregaon?
I really liked everything, from the story, cast, to the crew involved in the project.

What can you tell us about the film and character you play?
It is a warrior drama. Beyond being a story of a warrior, it is also about a human who at that particular point of time took on an extra challenge and became an inspiration, and successfully managed to break norms. Back in 1818, it was thought that women were supposed to do household work, but my character worked for society and made a shift. And even if it is a physical fight, she doesn’t take a step back.

How do you approach a role?
I try to understand it with the entire team, as it is very important for all of us to be on the same page. It doesn’t matter how I just conceive it and depends on how my director wants it. Then I try to incorporate my own nuances and see how things pan out.

How do you feel about working in a movie during a pandemic?
When I see the whole crew with the masks on and myself without one, it becomes intimidating for a second. But I have understood this is how it is going to be for a bit, and we have to accept it and take care of ourselves. I mean the show must go on!

What roles do you want to play in the future?
I want to play all sorts of roles. I mean there is a huge list. A majority of my roles have been very docile. So, I would love to play something on the wilder end.

Who would you love to work with?
I really want to work with Amitabh Bachchan sir.

Who is your acting hero?
I have grown up watching the likes of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan sir, and am still watching all of them. I mean there is so much to learn from them and how they moulded their careers, by doing the right film at the right time. They carved their own paths.

What inspires you as an actress?
Stories and people inspire me. Every human has a story, if you look closely, and I try to observe as closely as I can.

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