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Benefits Of Owning An id god

By: Eastern Eye Staff

The benefits of having a fake ids are endless, and there are many reasons why you should get one. If you’re looking for a reason to get one, then here are some benefits that might sway your mind:

You Can Buy A Beer With An ID Card

It’s one of the biggest perks of having a fake driver’s license. Not only do you get to drink legally, but you can also buy alcohol to bring back home and enjoy with other friends who are under 21 as well. It’s easy to get caught by a police officer or bouncer if they have any suspicion about your age, so make sure you don’t do anything that would give them reason for suspicion!

If you’re going out and buying alcohol for yourself or someone else who is underage, make sure that person goes through the line first so they don’t get carded while they wait in line. That way when it’s your turn at the door, there won’t be any questions asked about whether or not your friend is old enough too!

It Is Easier To Get Into A Club

If you want to go out and have a good time, then it is imperative that you get into the club. However, if you do not have an ID or driver’s license, then getting into the club can be difficult. The bouncer will see that you do not have proper identification and will not allow you in. With a fake ID however, it is much easier to get into a club because they will think that your fake ID looks like actual government issued identification card. If they think that your fake ID looks real enough, they may even let you inside without any problems whatsoever!

Used To Apply For A New Credit Card

A fake ID can be used to apply for a new credit card, or to use for dating websites. This is still a benefit of owning a fake ID even though it’s not necessarily the main purpose.

If you have a job and are looking to take on another one in your field, having multiple bank accounts will help with this process. You can use your id god to apply for the other job, then open up an additional account under that name so that both employers do not know about each other until after they hire you.

It’s also important to note that being able to get a good credit score is important if you want loans later in life or wish to purchase anything expensive (like cars) without having high interest rates attached directly onto those purchases themselves!

You Can Shop At Stores That Check Ids

You can buy age-restricted products such as alcohol, cigarettes and other items that are restricted to those over 18. You can also buy age-restricted products online if you have your fake ID in hand.

You can go into stores that check IDs for their age-restricted discounts and services, which is a huge benefit if you’re looking to save some money on the things you need or want.

If you don’t already know this, most bars and clubs require proof of age upon entry. So if that’s where your friends want to go out at night instead of a movie theater (who needs Netflix when there’s beer?), then having a fake ID will help ensure that everyone gets in with no problem!

It Gives You An Excuse To Update Your Picture

If you’re like me, you probably use the same picture on all of your social media profiles. It’s good to keep things consistent! But if you’re a fan of changing up your look here and there, this can be a problem. You want to look good in all of the photos on your profile(s), because it’s important to represent yourself well when interacting with potential friends, romantic interests or employers online.

So why not just update that one profile pic? Well…it could be pretty obvious if someone who knows you sees it (or at least suspicious). And what if another friend/acquaintance/co-worker recognizes it from something else? Even worse – what if an ex sees it?! That would not be fun for anyone involved…especially since most people don’t change their appearance as much after college as they did during college (which means that less frequent updates might make it harder for people who know you well enough to remember what exactly has changed).

It Helps You Look Older And More Mature

In addition to being able to buy alcohol, cigarettes, and lottery tickets, having a fake ID can help you look older and more mature. For example, if you are 21 years old and have a fake ID that says that you are 23 years old then most people would assume that you are 23 years old. If someone were to look at your license they would see that the photo on your license looks like the person standing in front of them. This allows people who own their own business or business owners themselves to hire employees who may not be of legal age yet but have great potential for growth within the company.

This also goes for renting an apartment as well because many landlords require tenants over 18 years old (the minimum legal age required by law), so having an actual driver’s license with an accurate date of birth is extremely important when leasing property from someone else.

Online Purchases Of Things Like Concert Tickets

If you want to attend a concert, chances are you’ll need a fake ID. Not only that, but you may also have to purchase your tickets online. If this is the case and your state or city doesn’t allow minors to buy alcohol or cigarettes, then buying concert tickets without a valid ID can be difficult.


In conclusion, having a fake ID is beneficial. It makes the world more accessible and fun. You can do more things that you may not have been able to do before, like getting into clubs or buying alcohol. A fake ID is not just for parties but it can also help teens find jobs, apply for credit cards or even borrow money from family members. The opportunities are endless!


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