Arjun Rampal: The real Gawli is different from the one portrayed by the media

Arjun Rampal plays a real-life character in his upcoming movie Daddy. The National Award-winning actor plays the real-life gangster-turned-politician Arun Gawli. Arjun met the gangster during the gangster’s parole term.

As Arjun recalls his meeting, he said, “He was slightly skeptical the first few times, and I understood that he’s reserved because of his colourful past.”

Arjun Rampal was intrigued to dig deeper about the gangster after his first meetup with Arun Gawli. Arjun received a different image from the media’s perception of Gawli and hence read up as much as possible about the gangster to ready for his role in the movie.

Arjun shares, “Interestingly, people called him Daddy. I realized that though he’s dreaded by many, there is another side to him. He’s not flamboyant, he doesn’t go to dance bars and blow up money. He has spent a half of his life in jail, but is God-fearing and family-oriented. Photographs of several deities adorn the walls of his house. The real Gawli of Dagdi Chawl is different from the one portrayed by the media.”

Arjun realized that Gawli was keen to watch his biopic after some initial hesitation.

“After a few meetings, he opened up to me. I assured him that it wouldn’t be a propaganda story. I wanted to tell it the way it is. His consent convinced me that he was a man with self-confidence,” added Arjun.

The biopic Daddy is produced by Ponty Chadha and Raju Chadha of Wave Cinema and presented by Karta Entertainment and Kundalini Entertainment.