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Amit Masurkar refutes allegations of Newton being copied from Secret Ballot

Rajkummar Rao starrer Newton’s director Amit Masurkar disproved the rumours about the film being copied from an Iranian movie Secret Ballot.

Speaking to a leading Indian daily, Masurkar said, “It would be best if people watch both films before deciding or writing an article. We hadn’t even heard of Secret Ballot when we were writing the script. Newton is very rooted. If it was a copy, do you think Berlin, Tribeca would have programmed it? The other film has also won international awards. Newton is not a copy of any other film, it isn’t even inspired.”

A renowned Indian news channel reported that the story line of Newton were quite similar to the story line of the Secret Ballot.

The report stated, “The idea and the concept of both these films are similar. Both narrate the story of a voting day in a remote place.”

However, the cast and the crew of Newton have rubbished any reports claiming their film to be similar with the Iranian movie. Moreover, Newton has garnered good response from the critics and the audience. Rao’s acting skills were highly praised while Masurkar’s direction was also commended. A critic from the leading Indian daily was quoted, “It’s rare that an Indian film uses dark comedy to make its points so effectively: in Newton we go from smiling to laughing outright even at its grimmest, because the film is light on its feet, and the tone is consistent right through.”

Newton has been chosen as the official entry for Academy Awards 2018 under the category of foreign language film.