Akshaye Khanna claims to have never compromised on the quality of roles

Akshaye Khanna has always ruled the silver screen with his characters in the films. However, the actor believes that the shelf life of a film star depends on the viewers fantasies and that the shelf life can stretch from five to fifty years.

“Every artiste’s shelf life… is their destiny. I have been working for so many years and one can see I have worked with so many actors, but some of them do not have work. For me, to be a working actor is enough and more. Their shelf life has expired. But there will be a Lata Mangeshkar or Rishi Kapoor who are in demand even today. The audience determines whether they still want to watch you or not,” said Akshaye Khanna in an interview.

Khanna has always followed the mantra of giving 100% and performing the best of his ability.

“Whenever any person in the creative field does a film, they think it is going to be of good quality or this is something people will like. The intention is always positive. As a creative person, you never embark on something thinking it will be substandard. After that, once the creative process is finished and the film is shown to audience, it is up to them (people) whether they like it or not. The audience reaction is difficult to judge,” said Akshaye.

Talking about his choice to do character specific roles, he said, “As I had taken a long break from work, I mentally decided I want to start again with smaller roles initially at least in the first two-three films. I don’t want to be rusty, my craft should be well-oiled. I did not want to compromise on the quality of the roles – so whether it was Dishoom or Mom or Ittefaq the quality of my role was never compromised. The size of the role might be smaller. The role may be smaller but the impact it should have on the audience should be uncompromising.”

Akshaye Khanna played the cop in the recently released Ittefaq which also stars Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha in the pivotal roles. The film garnered positive reviews from the audience as well as the critics.