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Agritex 2017: U.K. bringing the largest ever Agri-tech delegation to India

From September 7 -9, 2017, the United Kingdom’s Department for International Trade (DIT) is bringing its largest ever Agritech delegation at Agritex India 2017 Conference. The U.K. is ‘country partner’ in the fifth edition of Agritex, India’s premier international trade fair on agriculture, dairy and food processing at HiTex, Hyderabad.

In the conference 13 innovative British companies in the areas of animal science, water conservation, silo storage systems, organic farming, agricultural marketing communications, sustainable packaging technologies, agricultural skills and training, cold chain technologies, and smart agriculture are participating.

To which the British Deputy High Commissioner, Hyderabad Andrew Fleming said, “Agriculture is one of the U.K. Government’s priority sectors in India and our business delegation is demonstrative of the very best technology the U.K. agricultural industry has to offer. These companies offer a combination of innovation and business improvements that can transform food security globally.” He then again added, “Science, big data, and technology are changing the face of agriculture. Such changes are necessary as the global challenge to the food industry becomes increasingly acute. The U.K. is now at the vanguard of agricultural technologies, pioneering new approaches to food and farming systems. I warmly invite Indian businesses and others interested in Agri-tech to come to the UK pavilion and enjoy exploring the remarkable technology and innovation on display. All U.K. companies are here in Hyderabad with a desire to establish business collaborations in India; this week provides the perfect chance to explore and initiate these.”

The Telangana Minister for Agriculture, Pocharam Srinivas Reddy, Minister for IT, K.T. Rama Rao and Principal Secretary (Agriculture) C. Parthasarathi will be present at the opening of Agritex 2017. They will also visit the U.K. Pavilion and meet the visiting delegation.

At the conference, being held alongside trade show, the U.K. experts and companies will share their expertise and best practices in innovation in agriculture, water efficiency, dairy farming technologies, aquaculture and food processing.

U.K. Agri-tech specialist Simon Doherty said, “I am delighted to be back in India to attend the Agritex Conference in Hyderabad. We are bringing a range of fantastic companies and training providers from the UK agri-tech sector; offering innovative technologies around water conservation and plant nutrition, through livestock genetics and animal health products, to grain processing, storage, and distribution solutions, to supply chain analysis. The U.K. Agri-tech offer is built around integrated solutions and, with that in mind, it is hugely important for us to develop partnerships around innovation but also provide training and support in how to maximise returns from the investment in those novel technologies.”

The U.K. previously brought major agri-tech delegations to the India-U.K. TECH Summit and Agro-Tech India in 2016, which helped forge collaborations and investments for British companies in India.

British company Aviagen, a world’s leading poultry breeding company, has a production facility in Tamil Nadu and are supporting Indian poultry farmers to increase their incomes by reducing input costs through improved grand-parent pedigree lines.

Another U.K. company Genus ABS has already set-up state-of-the-art bovine genetics facility in Maharashtra and are now introducing their cutting-edge sexed semen technology in India.