Advait Chandan claims working with Aamir Khan as an educational experience

We see actors giving biggest blockbusters, however we fail to notice that their managers have been playing the most vital role in shaping their career. One such celebrity manager turned director is Advait Chandan, who had handled Aamir Khan’s work and kept a close observation on the choice of films he makes. Though PK, Dhoom 3 and Dangal have been the blockbusters in the actor’s career, however, Advait Chandan is credited for aiding Aamir Khan to make the wise choices.

Advait worked as a production assistant for the film Taare Zameen Par and Dhobi Ghat. Currently, he is prepping up for the release of Secret Superstar which marks his directorial debut. Advait said, “I sat in all his edits, narrations. I was there when he first heard Dhoom 3, PK and Dangal. I’ve also been there for 50 other films which no one knows about which got rejected. The films which got rejected taught me more about writing than the ones which were selected…. I understood what it was about these films which weren’t working. It was an educational experience to work with him. It was pure blessing.”

When asked about producer Aamir Khan’s involvement to the film Secret Superstar, Advait said, “You can’t even calculate how much his contribution is. It’s at every level. It’s amazing how much support he has given me. The look of the film, the pace, how to achieve a certain thing. His contribution is so immense I can’t even pin point it.”

He further went on to say that there was never a desire to lengthen the role of Aamir Khan in the film.

“The only one way to turn him on is a good script. This script required him to be there for a fixed duration. Had I increased it and messed with the internal balance of the film, then pitched it to him, he would’ve turned it down. The script wouldn’t have worked,” he said.

Secret Superstar revolves around an aspiring singer which is slated to release on October 19. The film draws an inspiration from Advait’s personal life.

“A lot of girls today face that problem way more than the guys, where you’re not allowed to dream. A lot of people aren’t allowed. It’s also about this relationship between a mother and a daughter. That’s where I feel it’s really personal. Somewhere it has got moments which my mother and I have shared, a line which she may have told me. The film in its totality isn’t about my mother, but it has got shades of my life. It’s extremely personal,” Advait said.