Adding Excitement to Long-Haul Journeys

Long-distance journeys no longer have to be a boring experience, with modern technology providing a range of activities to pass the time at the airport or on lengthy drives. Depending on your mobile device and traveling conditions, you can plan your entertainment around every stage of a difficult trip. The aim is to choose things that will comfort your nerves and keep your spirits high, and help you look at the whole process as a pleasant adventure.


Traveling in a group makes entertainment much easier as you can turn to classic games when sixteen levels of Candy Crush has proven enough for one trip. The more sociable travelers also have the option of making new friends on the road and breaking the ice with a few rounds of Bananagrams, Catan or What Do You Meme? These new additions to the board game world can help add a great, practical selection of back-up entertainment to your luggage. A single deck of cards can be a lifesaver when technology fails.

Nothing can distract better than a good intense game – this is what iGaming websites offer in abundance. Hours in a train seat can be whiled away by keeping your smartphone or tablet at hand, the second device being the most satisfying choice for visuals and performance. Whether you choose to get the most out of your journey by getting stuck into the latest mobile gaming craze, like Wildscapes or My Cafe, or by visiting online iGaming providers like Genesis Casino in UK platforms. From slots to tabletop games and exciting reinventions of the classics such as poker and blackjack, there’s no excuse to ask ‘are we there yet?’ when there’s a world of entertainment in the palm of your hand. Choose your favorites before setting off, so they are ready to play as soon as you sit back and that’s a large part of your journey sorted.


Both online games and movie-streaming need an internet connection. Unless you are happy to carry two or three DVDs with you, getting a pocket mobile Wi-Fi booster would be wise. Then it is a simple matter of planning ahead, for example, by finding platforms you prefer among the selection modern media outlets offer. YouTube and Sony Crackle are the most dependable when it comes to video quality but expect adverts and the occasional fee as the movie you want may not be free. In this case, you could rent your entertainment shortly before hopping on board to make sure it’s going to be running throughout the length of your trip.

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Have you been dubbed the designated driver on a five-hour trip? There’s no reason why you have to be bored out of your mind and can’t have as much fun as your passengers. Apart from radio and a phone full of music, you could also treat yourself to a spot of literature. Download your very own bookcase with titles that could include War and Peace, The Wizard of Oz and The Great Gatsby. You can find different genres across platforms, some of the most popular of which are Spotify, Mind Webs, Audible and Overdrive. Set your smartphone down and dive into a gripping crime novel or science fiction story through platforms that are available for free and often offer free books and offers to get your listening experience started.

It is important to prepare for big journeys carefully and entertainment can make or break them. Fortunately, plenty of choices and guidance are at your disposal. All that’s left is to plan smart and enjoy the experience.