Aanand L Rai: Shah Rukh Khan makes me more confident

Director Aanand L Rai whose next film will have Shah Rukh Khan in the pivotal role, says that it would be challenging for him to make the film look real.

“It is definitely more special. It (film) is an uphill task and we were all ready for it, be it me or Shah Rukh sir. If we don’t do it now then when will we do it? The biggest task for me is to keep it very organic as everything is so new around us for everybody, from actors to technical team. The task is to keep it very real,” said Aanand.

As Shah Rukh Khan is all set to work for the director’s next, Aanand is glad to see King Khan’s confidence over him.

“His love and confidence shows his affection and that makes me more responsible. The best part is he makes me more confident and it gives me a lot of strength. It shows his attachment to the story. It is great for me to work with such a sensible man and this experience will stay with me life long. This relationship will be with me till I am here,” said the 46 year old director.

With the presence of a superstar, there is a lack of performance stress on Aanand L Rai, as he would like to keep the story to its originality. Aanand said, “I will follow my own story route. I believe in a very organic process and gimmick is for diversion and I would not to do that. I don’t take pressure but there is a responsibility. I am here to give numbers but that is directly proportional to how we entertain our audience. I think that is the way Shah Rukh also functions. He is a very people’s actor and same way I will see to it that we get onto the numbers that are expected from us.”

Aanand believes that people these days look out for the content in the movie and that they are not impacted by the star power.

“People will come to watch the film and they will stay with you only if they like the story. I am not only looking at weekend numbers but I would want the film to get acceptance and hope it runs for days and days. For me it is more about the journey of the film than just the weekend,” said Aanand.

Featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif, the film is about the life of a four feet tall man. The film is scheduled to release in 2018.