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8 Important Facts About Men’s Walking Shoes You Must Know

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Men’s walking shoes should be wardrobe essentials for most Indian men since there are always reasons to walk around. Men usually choose to keep their shoe-rack small by using the same footwear for various activities and events. So, they buy one pair of running shoes and work them on walks, runs, hikes, casual days out, after-dinner strolls, etc., before purchasing the next pair to repeat the cycle. However, it is essential to understand that walking shoes are called that because they are specifically and smartly designed for the activity of walking. Below are 8 Important Facts About Men’s Walking Shoes You Must Know so you can feel more motivated to buy men’s walking shoes for walking more comfortably and stylishly whenever you do.

  1. Designed for Heel-to-Toe Strides

The safest and best way to walk is by striking your heel first and then moving through the foot to touch your toe. This ensures safety for your heels, ankles, knees, and lower back by extension. This kind of stride moves the center of pressure across your foot’s length, providing more wholesome support and preventing injuries. Walking shoes are designed smartly to accommodate heel-to-toe strides by providing a well-cushioned heel and toe box. Especially the heels are cushioned to support your Achilles tendon so that you can move freely and safely.

  1. An In-built Sock Liner

Most people take walking lightly; however, walking can be an intense activity depending on your speed, comfort, and style of walking. Walking shoes should be breathable so you can stay comfortable even on long walks. Some men’s walking shoes have their uppers lined with an in-built comfort sockliner so your feet can breathe better and stay fresher throughout long days or walks. These in-built comfort sockliners are designed so you can get instant step-in on your men’s walking shoes in case you are in a rush to get out of your house.

  1. Outsoles can Make or Break your Walking Shoes

Nowadays, every apparel, footwear, or accessory choice is centered around making a style statement. And outsoles are the least visible part of any shoe, so they are often taken for granted when choosing the right shoe for any activity. However, outsoles are the backbone of shoes, especially men’s walking shoes. With outsoles that provide excellent traction and grip, you can easily prevent injuries like overstraining your shins, knees, and various muscle groups in your legs and extending that strain all the way to your neck, shoulders, and scapula. In addition, a firm grip on your walking surface ensures you can keep a proper posture and walk more confidently.

  1. Lace-less Walking Shoe

Lace closures are a critical aspect of any shoe which is also quite time-consuming. Men are already familiar with loafers that are lace-less men’s shoes; however, do you know about slip-on walking shoes? Do you feel insecure about your laces unraveling every 100 steps? You can choose a pair of slip-on walking shoes. These men’s walking shoes have a lace-less upper, which can still provide a snug fit as long as you find the right fit for you. Additionally, you can find slip-on walking shoes with an in-built comfort sock liner so you can easily slide into and out of them for your walks or strolls.

  1. Walking Shoes Need to be Heavier

Generally, we are told to look for lightweight and breathable shoes while looking for a pair; however, walking shoes should have a bit of their own weight. Running shoes need to be lightweight, which ensures more agility and the ability to pick up speed as and when required. However, when you are walking, your shoes need to provide as much stability as flexibility for more comfortable heel-to-toe strides. So, your walking shoes should have a little more weight of their own as compared to the right running shoes.

  1. Find a Well-Cushioned Midsole

Midsoles are a vital part of any shoe, just like on the right pair of walking shoes. As your foot rolls through the length of your foot from the heel to toe, arch support is key. Especially if you have a flat foot or plantar fasciitis, arch support is crucial when walking. Men’s walking shoes have well-cushioned midsoles designed to support your heel-to-toe strides by reducing the impact on your foot and absorbing any extra shock from surface impact. So, pay attention to the type of midsoles in your favorite walking shoe when picking one.

  1. The Right Fit Matters

Proper men’s walking shoes are well-cushioned on uppers, midsoles, and outsoles. However, before committing to your favorite walking shoe, you must check certain things. First, place your finger and check if the width of it makes up for the space between the front end of your new shoe and your longest toe. If yes, then the shoe is the right fit for you. This means that your little toe has enough room, and this fit will help you prevent any blisters or calluses. Also, ensure a finger’s worth of space between the back of your shoe and the back of your heel. So, your heel doesn’t pop out easily but doesn’t give you shoe bites, either.

  1. Men’s Walking Shoes and their Durability

Walking shoes are designed for durability now; however, you must be mindful of the efficiency of all aspects of your walking shoes. In some cases, you can continue to use your walking shoes for 6-8 months; in others, you have to find a replacement in 3-4 months. Take into consideration how much you walk every day or every week. If you walk almost 30 minutes a day or close to 5 hours a week, you should examine your shoe’s upper, mid, and outsoles and consider replacing them biannually. You should consider replacing them quarterly if you use them to walk between or more than 5-7 hours a week.

Walking shoes are an absolute asset for your shoe rack because walking is an unavoidable activity in a country like India. Men end up walking to public transport for exercise, work, pick up their children from the park, run errands, take a stroll, etc. In addition, walking is especially beneficial for people with diabetic tendencies or heart conditions, so walking shoes and their benefits are indispensable.


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