7 fictional classic detective characters that are still remembered

  1. Byomkesh Bakshi:

He is the one whose deftness to solve intricate crimes which were beyond Police’s understanding kept the audience glued to the small screen. Unlike other shows, Byomkesh likes to be called as Byomkesh Bakshi Satyanweshi instead of detective or an investigator.

2. Jasoos Vijay:

He was beyond than just a detective. He could easily analyze if the person being interrogated was lying or speaking the truth. The show, however, aided the awareness of aids and also helped reduce the stigma of aids in the society.

3. Raja Rancho:

The combination of a monkey and the detective amused audience every week with their wit and humour. The duo’s ability to solve crime was unusual than any detective shows put together.

4. Karamchand:

It was a unique detective show. Played by Pankaj Kapoor, his goggles for improved vision and carrots for sharp mind were his unique style. The show showcased a unusual way of solving crimes. Also his line ‘Shut up Kitty’ to his assistant was an interesting side kick.

5. Sam D’Silva and Gopi of Tehkikaat:

Sam D’Silva and Gopi of Tehkikaat was one of the best classics. The two male leads with their interesting liners added fun and intelligence in the show. Especially the line, ‘Hum yahan tehkikaat kerne aaye hain!’ (We are here to investigate) was the best ever line.

6. Krishna Arjun:

Krishna Arjun was unique in its own way. Their aptitude to solve the crime with the touch of goofiness is still remembered among the classics.

7. ACP Pradyuman of CID:

He is the winner of all. His gesture , dialogues and his sixth sense has been an all time favourite for the comedians, especially the line “Kuch toh Gadbad hai” (Something is wrong). His ability to find the culprit with his intellectual ability has not only entertained the audience but also aided learning with each characters and episodes.