1. Place of Birth

While many of us believe that Jacqueline was born in Sri Lanka, but she was born in Bahrain. Jacqueline can be said as multi-cultural as his father is Sri Lankan, mother a Malaysian, and maternal grandfather a Canadian. The Sri Lankan beauty also has 3 siblings, she is the youngest.

2. Intellect 

Jacqueline is a graduate in Mass Communication. After her graduation, she worked as a Television reporter for the short duration in Sri Lanka. Soon after this she entered in modelling and won the crown of Miss Sri Lanka Universe in the year 2006. She also hosted some shows on TV while she was just 14 years old. She can also speak a variety of languages such as French, Spanish and Arabic.

3. Foodie

Besides acting and modelling, Jacqueline loves to cook and says it is a good therapy. Her favourite cuisine is French, but as she belongs to Sri Lanka, she says fish is a big part of her diet. She also has the restaurant in Colombo, Sri Lanka which is named as Kaema Sutra. This restaurant serves traditional Sri Lankan food to the people who love the dishes from her grandma recipe book.

4. Workout

Jacqueline Fernandez loves to work. Her daily workout routine includes martial arts, cardio, yoga and strength based exercises. Her yoga instructor is Anushka Parwani. She follows a macrobiotic diet and does yoga 5 days a week. Apart from her workout, she loves horse riding.

5. Animal Lover

Jacqueline also devotes a lot of her time to social causes and has spent a lot of time on animal cruelty and welfare programmes. It was because of Jacqueline that horse carriage was banned in Mumbai.