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4 Big Obstacles to Get Closer to God

By: Eastern Eye Staff

They say that you have a faith in good and do your best to accomplish your tasks. But there are times when you cannot simply surrender to god. There could be many reasons for this and we end up complaining that God is not doing any good to us. Most of the time we refer to these people as an atheist. You might have heard many questions at Planetshakers Melbourne Church regarding this such as how do you know the bible is true. There is a spiritual war everywhere for the existence of the god. You might have seen many people come across various obstacles towards believing in a god such as logical obstacle, behavioural obstacle, emotional obstacle, cultural obstacle and the spiritual obstacle. Today we will be discussing those things which are known as a barrier to getting closer to god. Let’s discuss it in detail.

A Painful Past

Everyone has a past and there might be times when you have been through a lot. At this time, you might have made your mindset that all that happened because of god. After that phase, you might have got many chances to get closer to the god but remembering your painful past and the assumption of connection of god with it acts as a barrier to restore the faith in him. You would need to understand that everyone is the same for god and he similarly treats everyone. If he is giving some obstacles to someone then he also makes sure to shower him with a lot of abundance in return. Life is all about gain and loss. There would be a day and a night. It is not necessary that the one who has got everything would be happy or the one who does not have anything would be sad. It is all about perception. Having a faith in God helps you to overcome such bad phases and prepare you to accept better from the universe.

Total Unbelief

This is one of the most common reasons or the barrier toward developing faith in god. Any person won’t be able to develop faith in a god until and unless he does not believe in it. Here these people are known as an atheist. They generally harden their heart and continue to believe in the nonexistence of God for their whole life. They straightaway reject the presence of god and choose this belief as a barrier towards the faith in god. What is the best way to overcome it? Surrender to him completely and let him take care of all your unbelief.

Age-old Grudges

Holding old grudges is another barrier towards developing faith in god. Hence it is totally up to you what you want. If you keep locking the grudges in your mind then be ready to keep the distance between you and the god forever. Do you need that? What is the simple solution to this then? Just forgive and move ahead. We understand that it might be difficult for you to release that heaviness from your mind which you have been holding for ages but forgiveness would surely take you one step closer towards your belief in god. Holding it for a longer time could also affect your mental health and peace of mind. Hence let go of your grudges and leave everything to god.

A Secret Sin

Most of us might have one secret sin in their life. But this hidden sin could be your obstacle or barrier towards having faith in god. God always wants a closer relationship with his children no matter what kind of sin they have done. He is also ready to forgive you for all your mistakes and sins that you have done. All you have to do is to surrender yourself to him and ask for forgiveness. Keeping a thought of sin and holding it forever in your mind would refuse your mind to accept the presence of God.

Surrendering yourself to god is the first step towards developing faith in him. No person in this world has not done any mistake or any sins but that does not hold him back from getting closer to god. Ask for forgiveness and keep the forgiving attitude to start this new spiritual journey.



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