4 Best Retro-Style Android Games

Android Games these days give gamers so many options to choose from. Puzzle, strategy, simulation, RPG, action, and many other genres are available on the PlayStore. Many of those games hold a fantastic and beautiful graphic. However, some of us, maybe you as well, want to enjoy the retro style game. As we all know, the pixel-style graphic always has its charm. Furthermore, we can even confidently say that retro games have fun dominoqq gameplay. So, for you who want to try to find the true fun of retro games, here we have a list of the retro-style games you can play on your Android device.

Beat Cop

This game follows the story and everyday activities of detective Jack Kelly. You start with Jack Kelly when he still becomes a police officer. You patrol in a certain area and solve many problems, such as catching shoplifters, giving a parking ticket, and many more. If you keep playing, you will arrive at the main story, where Jack Kelly was framed for murder. The pixel style graphic reminds you of the old game. However, the control and gameplay are much easier. You just need to tap the area where you want to make the character move or inspect. When you inspect a certain object, person, or area, you will have several options you can choose. It is a novel and adventure style game.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania is a popular series of the 2D scroll-side style game for an old game console. Now, you also can play this game on your Android device. This arcade-platformer will give you the same thrill that you get when you play the old Castlevania series. The hack-and-slash gameplay with many horror elements in it gives it a plus point for retro games you can try on your Android device. The graphic, even though it uses the retro-style graphic, has been perfected for Android devices. So, it looks very beautiful.

Survival Island 1, 2 & 3

This game originally was released for the Gameboy console. Now, you can get it from PlayStore and play it on the Android device. The gameplay is similar to the Gameboy version. You control a character that is stranded on the island. You need to find a way to survive on that island by combining many objects you can find there. The Android version offers many hidden achievements and minigames that you can’t find on the Gameboy version. So, even though you have played the old one, you can still have so much fun with this version.

Knight of Pen & Paper II

If you like RPGs, especially turn-based RPGs, you can’t miss this game. As you can see, this is the second series of Knight of Pen & Paper. You can download the first one. But, you need to pay. The second series of this game is free to download. Even though you still need to pay some to get extra benefits.

In this game, you will control five characters. You can choose the job and race for each character, where each of the jobs and races has special skills and traits. The most interesting part of this game is the story and dialogue. You can find many jokes and parodies in it. It is not surprising if you smile or laugh a lot while grinding for levels or gold.


That’s all the retro style games you can play on your Android devices. There are still many Android Games with a similar style. They are all interesting games to play. More importantly, many of these retro-style games also don’t eat too much space inside your device. Plus, they are also pretty lightweight. Try them all now!