India, Japan to introduce artificial intelligence

India and Japan will work together to introduce artificial intelligence and robotics in the defence sector, which could give a significant boost to India’s defence capabilities in the next level of their strategic cooperation. 

“You should expect to see increased bilateral cooperation between us to develop unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) and robotics”, Kentaro Sonoura, Japan’s state minister for foreign affairs and a close adviser to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, told. 

In late, 2017 Japanese parliament ratified the nuclear agreement between India and Japan. “India and Japan would be setting up a joint task force for commercial agreements by the end of January”. With the legislation behind them, the Japanese minister said, “Tokyo was keen to get this going”.  

“The two Prime Ministers Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi agreed to launch a working group, which will work on cooperation between nuclear companies. Japan’s intention is to start this quickly, possibly by the end of this month,” Sonoura said. 

With an aggressive and expansionist China growing as a challenge to both India and Japan, the two countries are increasingly looking at the world through a similar lens. 

Sonoura said by Japan’s Indo-Pacific policy and India’s Act East policy, “We need to share the importance of rule of law and freedom of navigation among related countries.

The next step is infrastructure development based on global standards so that connectivity among countries is increased.

The third step would be maritime law enforcement and disaster management that would ensure the stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region”.

“Therefore, we would like to connect and combine our Indo-Pacific strategy and India’s Act East policy as one big picture. That’s the synergy we seek,” he added.