17 Indian fishermen arrested in Pakistan

A total of seventeen Indian fishermen have been arrested by The Maritime Security Agency (MSA) for fishing illegally in the territorial waters of Pakistan and a court in Karachi remanded them into custody. The authorities also claimed to have seized at least three boats. 

A police official at the docks police station has said the Indian nationals appeared before a magistrate who sent them to jail on remand.

“These fishermen were handed over to us by the Maritime Security last night for the further legal process,” he added.         

The Docks police station said that a case against the fishermen is filed under sections 3/4 of the Foreign Act and 3/9 of the Fishery Act was registered. Most of the arrested fishermen, that are arrested, belonged to the Indian state of Gujarat. 

The arrests come after the release of 145 Indian fishermen on December 28.      

An official of the Pakistan Maritime Security Force said that since late November the number of Indian fishermen detained for fishing in Pakistani waters was around 185.        

A total of 438 Indian fishermen were released in 12 days time in December 2016 – January 2017 by the Pakistani authorities from the Landhi and Malir jails in Karachi.    

Similarly, the number of Pakistani fishermen in Indian jails is 125. 

Pakistan and India frequently arrest fishermen as there is no clear demarcation of the maritime border in the Arabian Sea and these fishermen do not have boats equipped with the technology to know their precise location.